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Light My Fire!











Light My Fire!

(Class limited to 12 students)
April 27 - 28, 2019
Tuition: $695
Instructors: Cody Lundin and Mark Dorsten

Experience a comprehensive immersion into the most alluring of the four!  A tool that has shaped civilization for millennia, its understanding has all but been lost to modern society. In this two day course students will regain their primal power by exploring modern fire lighting techniques essential for survival scenarios, as well as primitive fire making technologies fostering a greater awareness of how our ancestors did more with less. Unique to ALSS courses, Light My Fire is based “outdoors” yet is not an overnight camping course unless you wish to camp.

Modern Fire: from flint to Fritos; make fire using cotton, duct tape, toothpaste and a can, paper, wood, metal matches, lighters, magnesium, chemicals, optics, and more. Learn fire physics, techno-tinders, and how to make fool-proof home-made tinder. Create your own flint and steel kit along with char cloth making made simple.

Fire from Sticks: create a functional bowdrill and handdrill set from a natural environment, experience using a fire saw, strap drill, pump drill and more. How to make the all powerful tinder bundle, understanding the fire triangle, transporting fire, and recognizing nature’s fire starters.  

Fire as a Tool: for disinfecting water, cooking, hollowing out wood, thermoregulation, and torches for light.

Fire Respect: fire safety, extinguishing, uses for carbon and ash, and leaving no trace of your fire’s presence.

(minimal hiking required / optional overnight)